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Aloha Maui Bombers!

Thank you so much for checking out Maui Bombers…the newest company to join the downhill guided Maui Bike Tours on Haleakala volcano in beautiful Maui. Not only are we the newest,  but also the most innovative.  My name is Matt. I created Maui Bombers with the knowledge of 5 years experience in the industry. As owner/operator I will personally be guiding each and every Maui Bomber – Maui Bike Tour , to ensure the most fantastic experience . More about me in a moment.

Let me first explain a little bit about the guided downhill Maui bike tours on Haleakala. This activity started over 30 years ago and is one of the most popular activities on Maui. Millions of visitors have experienced the thrill of coasting downhill on sloping scenic road down Haleakala, through beautiful pastures, quaint little towns, with unmatched views. How the Maui guided downhill bike tour works is quite simple. We are allowed to bike in the center of the downbound lane…just like a car. The cruise leader leads the way,  and the bikers follow him or her, single file, and the company van follows the group…protecting the group from the downbound traffic. When cars approach the van, the driver radios to the cruise leader,  then he or she will lead the group to the bike lane /shoulder. The group bikes there as the van pulls over to let the traffic pass. Once all the cars are past the group, the driver takes the road, creating another block,radios the cruise leader all is clear,  then the cruise leader guides the group back into the road. So, the bikers never have to worry about traffic.

It really is an awesome way to get down the volcano. The 6 other guided Maui bike tour companies all use this system. Learn more about what makes Maui Bombers Bike Tours so innovative.

Come Have Fun!


Thank you to all the great riders and customers for helping us achieve the 2018 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence!

Maui Bombers Bike Tours


addition to the guided Maui downhill bike industry. There are 6 others that offer guided bike tours down Haleakala volcano. Maui Bombers is the most unique.


at 32 miles in distance, easily the longest bike ride. The other companies distance varies from 15 to 25 miles.


All 6 other companies use single speed beach cruiser bikes, designed to assist novice riders. It’s a fun ride, but mostly coasting. Maui Bombers offers the only Maui Bike Tours for experienced bikers.


Maui Bombers uses modified Trek hybrid bikes with 24 speeds. That means shifting gears and pedaling through the flat areas and hills.


maximum 6 per tour. Others max out at 13! We use same size van, but only allow 6. This makes for much more comfortable van ride, more personal Maui bike tours, and most importantly, smallest bike group. And….no minimum! We’ll ride with one biker.


Maui Bombers is the way to go if you want the the whole tour to yourselves. Perfect for the solo traveler, couples, small families. Not only are we very professional and discreet, you would have control of many parts of the tour. And our very small staff will make you feel very comfortable, like family.