About Me

Hey there!! Aloha future Bombers. Once again, my name is Matt. For the past 9 years I have been guiding tours down majestic Haleakala volcano . I have led over a thousand tours during that time. Each and every one of them was a lot of fun. I love it just as much today as I did in the early days.

During my time with the other company, I consistently had one of the best safety records in the industry, and the best FUN record in the industry. In the 3+ years of Maui Bombers, we are rated #1 in safety, and #1 in FUN.

When I started Maui Bombers, I had already perfected the biking experience. Since then, I have perfected the Maui Bomber experience. It WILL exceed your expectations….100% guarantee. And unlike Trump, I hire the best of the best. I have 4 wonderful drivers that rotate the driving responsibilities. Each of them brings something special and unique to the tour.

Cycle To The Sea

The Longest single trip bike tour in the industry (only beaten by our very own ‘cycle supreme’ which combines cycle to the sea & bike to burgers!)

Haleakala Unguided

This is the same route as our Cycle to the Sea Tour, but for those who want to bike by themselves at their own pace.

Cycle Supreme

THE MOTHER OF ALL TOURS! This 40 mile bike ride begins at the same location as our Cycle to the Sea Tour and the 1st 13 miles is all downhill! This is the only tour company that offers this route!!

About Maui Bombers

So, how is Maui Bombers different from the other guided tours, you ask? Let’s get this party started:

  • Length of the Bike Ride – Because the other companies include a tour of Haleakala crater before their biking, they don’t have the time for a long bike ride. Their biking distances range from 7-24 miles. Maui Bombers is only about the bike ride, so we have the time to add distance. Our bike ride is 25-40 miles.
  • Equipment – As mentioned earlier, single speed beach cruisers are used by the other companies. Again, great bike for coasting down the volcano. Maui Bombers uses top of the line Trek Hybrid bikes with 21 speeds and thinner tires…makes for a much faster and smoother ride. When a group is maintaining the speed limit, there are less traffic passes to make…faster, more fluid bike ride.
  • Group Size – The other companies will max out with 13 bikers per group. Maui Bombers only rides with 6 at the most. Small group =half the time to do traffic passes. Again, faster and more fluid bike bike ride. Smaller groups are more personal too. More fun. More space in the van! It’s like luxury.
  • Catered to Experienced Bikers Only – This is the Maui Bomber way. You have to be able to keep up! If you’re unsure, that’s what the other companies are for.
  • Less Traffic – Enjoy a open & free path straight to the ocean! Our tours have far less traffic then the competition because we have a better start time than they do.