There is not much in this world as special or as fun as a bike tour Haleakala. Maui is gorgeous in itself but when you add in a tour of the Haleakala volcano it is an amazing experience. This is an incredibly unique and fantastic way to see Maui. Maui Bombers is experienced and ready to begin your adventure.

One of the most popular activities on Maui is an all inclusive downhill bike tour with an informative and friendly guide. Imagine joining the millions of people who have experienced the thrill of coasting downhill on a picturesque scenic road. Guided tours Maui will take you through postcard perfect pastures and quaint towns with a view that is unparalleled.

Bike Tour Haleakala

This tour takes only the smallest groups as you ride your bike behind the cruise leader through a magnificent sunrise. Your exceptional leader will take you single file and the companies van will be right behind you so you are protected from any traffic. When the vans driver sees a car they radio the leader who takes the group onto the shoulder until the traffic has passed. The van then gives the all clear and you proceed on your exciting journey. You are always safe and protected from traffic.

Riding down the volcano is a phenomenal experience. You have the best possible equipment, incredible sights and more fun than you can imagine. This bike tour Haleakala is high energy, low stress and a memory you will always cherish. Pedal your way through this amazing trail on a Trek hybrid bike. Enjoy the ease of 24 speeds as you shift gears and cruise through hills and flat areas.

Guided Tours Maui

Guided tours Maui are 32 miles and a long beautiful bike ride. This is not a tour meant for novices or faint hearted individuals. This is a truly magnificent tour designed for experienced bikers who want a thrill, an adventure and who will enjoy coasting through a volcano. Only six people will be allowed on each tour so it is more personal and a lot more comfortable. This is like riding with family.

When you want a bike tour Haleakala all for yourself and your friends book a private VIP tour and have the most amazing vacation of your life. Professionalism and discretion are assured and a small staff knows exactly how to make it happen. Feel the speed of your bike and the wind in your hair. Once you have experienced the best tour in the business you will come back for more.