If you’re planning on touring Maui, you have to check out this all-inclusive tour and see first hand why this is the best of all the Maui volcano bike tours! This bike tour Maui style is unlike the rest. Here’s why:

We are fun and awesome. Our guided Maui volcano bike tours are led by awesomeness personified. Seriously, you will have a blast. Your tour guide is also the owner of the company. He loves his job, he loves Maui, and he’s about to take you on the ride of a lifetime. You’ll share in his passion as you explore Maui together; it’s contagious.

Maui Volcano Bike Tours: Experienced Bikers

This is not for the inexperienced bicyclist. We have age requirements on who can bike, and for good reason, you’ve got to keep up. This tour is for people who enjoy biking, and do so regularly. We go fast, and we have a blast! Many other tours will allow even the most inexperienced people sign up just to get more bodies to join their over-sized tours. This takes away from your tour, as you have to slow your pace, waiting for the slowest cyclist in your group. Our group will be experienced bicyclists who want to dash along this adventure right alongside you.

Our bikes are better and faster, with multiple gears and thin tires, while most of the competition only has one gear so you can’t really change your pace even if you want to. This reason alone is a good reason to make us your choice for your Maui bike tour! One gear is simply not enough! You won’t be able to adjust for any hills, and truly bike through your tour.

Bike Tour Maui

When we ride, we do so with your fun, comfort and safety in mind. Our van is just as large as our competition, yet we have smaller groups. We do so to keep this more fun and casual and less like herding cattle. You can have a more intimate experience; do more and see more. Our route has the least amount of traffic and our smaller group allows us smoother and easier transitions as we make way for traffic. Other groups are so large and go through areas with heavy traffic, so much of your tour time is spent pulling to the side of the road, waiting for traffic, and then waiting for everyone in your group to be ready to ride again. Not with us. At Maui Bombers we offer smaller groups and routes with less traffic, which means there is more time for more fun.

There are no surprise hidden fees! This tour is all-inclusive. You can bring extra money if you want so you can shop, but otherwise, your bike, the tour, snacks, beverages, lunch, taxes and gratuities are all included.

Ready for your next adventure? What are you waiting for? Book your ride online. Or send us an email at [email protected] or call us at (808) 250-0186 to schedule your bike tour Maui style.