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  Wherever you travel, there is always a location or experience that is considered to be the one thing you have to do before you leave.  Everyone tells you, whether or not they’ve been, that you can’t miss this or have to see that if you are going there.  In Paris, there’s the Eiffel Tower. In Seattle, the Space Needle is always mentioned. In Maui, it’s a bike ride down Haleakala Volcano. You want to go. You’ve heard so much about it but you are just worried of another tourist ridden, overpriced and underwhelming event that leaves you wanting more. 

Fortunately for you Matt and his crew at Maui Bombers has raised the bar for Maui bound adventurers who want to experience something unlike anything else on the island.  Maui Bombers has curated a completely unique bike tour that goes above and literally beyond what anyone else has to offer. Their tours stay far ahead of the pack with top of the line Trek and Specialized bikes with wide road tires. They provide customized tours, catered to smaller groups so your ride is less crowded and you can go at your pace. Maui Bombers is also the only bike tour company that allows you to wear actual bike helmets so you can experience the full view and comfort of your ride.


Maui Bombers is home to the longest tour on the island, and the only one that ends at the beach. You can have your choice of a guided or unguided 24 mile tour that runs an easy, relaxed, downhill route through the beautiful towns of Kula, Makawao and Paia and ends at picturesque Baldwin Beach Park. Those that truly want an adventure can opt for the 40 mile experience which continues on with a mix of uphill and downhill, finishing with a 15 mile downhill route that is only offered by Maui Bombers.

     Always evolving in ways to exceed expectations, Maui Bombers is truly unparalleled in their commitment to your experience in terms of safety and fun. They have earned their space at the top of Maui bike tours and you’ll be grateful you can finally have an experience you can tell other travellers without a doubt, that this is a one of a kind adventure that you can’t miss. 

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