1. Age – We don’t care how old you are, but we do care how young. For kids, we go with ability rather than age. Our youngest was 8, but he was awesome. Be honest and all will be good.
  2. Weight – Our bikes can handle up to 260 pounds.
  3. Height – Must be at least 5 feet tall. Maybe 4 eleven.
  4. Ability – We don’t require you to be a professional, but we do require you to be experienced. You must ride often and recently. Need to know how to shift gears, handle hairpin turns, and pedal to keep up the pace.
  5. Pregnancy – Industry wide restriction. No expectant moms. During or after the tour, you’re welcome to get pregnant.


  • Sneakers

  • Smile

  • That’s it

As far as clothing goes, we provide wind breakers. The temperature change from the beginning of the bike ride to the end of the tour is about 30 degrees. Usually in the upper 50s to start and upper 80s at the end. So bring extra clothes if you want to shed. Also, bring your bathing suit if you want to cool off in the ocean at the end of the tour. Sunscreen is recommended.

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Tours and Rates

Maui Bombers is the only downhill bike tour company that is ALL-INCLUSIVE. Price includes all snacks, fresh local fruits, beverages, lunch, taxes, and gratuities. Only bring money if you want to shop a bit.