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The County of Maui’s Ordinance 5439 that was approved October, 2022 is now in effect. This Ordinance sets new rules and restrictions for the entire bike tour industry. These new restrictions actually do nothing to solve the problems created by the largest bike tour company, so now we all have to deal with the consequences. Our tour descriptions reflect the new changes.

The major restriction that I will point out here is that we are no longer allowed to bike through the town of Kula. Therefore our total biking is a few miles shorter. In addition, on Wednesdays we aren’t allowed to ride through Makawao or Paia, so we will be offering a completely different biking experience for Wednesdays.

The good news is that our Cycle Supreme Tour is still the longest bike ride in the industry at 30 miles in length, and no longer includes the one giant climb, making it possible for anyone to experience the best biking on Maui!

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