Cycle Supreme


 This 30 mile bike ride begins at the same location as our Cycle to the Sea Tour and the 1st 8 miles is all downhill. The second phase is a mixture of friendly rolling uphills and rollercoaster style downhills. The final section is 15 miles all downhill to Paia, followed by some flat road and bike paths for a nice light exercise to end the ride at Kanaha Beach. We are the only tour company that offers this route!!

Arrival & Duration

8:00 a.m. till 1:30 p.m


Meeting at Target parking lot in Kahului

Ends near Kanaha Beach

Elevation Level

Starting at 6,700ft
Ending at 0ft

Tour Experience

First Section: Relaxed, Effortless, & Fun!

Second Section: Easy Rolling Hills, Light Exercise, & Rollercoaster Thrills!

Third Section: Relaxed, Effortless, & Fun!

Daily from 8:00 am to 1:30 pm. This is an incredible 30 mile biking adventure that is mostly downhill, with an added section of a mix of downhill and uphill. The biking begins at the same location as our Cycle to the Sea Tour and the 1st 7 miles is all downhill.

Once in Kula, instead of taking a right down towards Paia, we change directions and head towards the backside of Haleakala to Ulupalakua!!. This 10 mile stretch is some of the best biking on the entire island. A great balance of both uphill and downhill with unmatched scenery. There is a total of 6 friendly climbs, all of them are doable.

We are the only tour company that offers this route. After this mind-blowing section, we take a short break and drive back to Olinda to continue biking the bottom half of the Cycle to the Sea tour. This final leg is 13 miles, and almost entirely downhill, and includes our lunch stop at Makawao Garden Cafe. We are the only bike tour company that includes lunch with all our guided tours. This mother of all tours is the only tour on Maui where you will be able to coast through Kula, Keokea, Ulupalakua, Makawao, and Paia on two wheels. You’re welcome!

Per person – $300

Restrictions & Requirements

Age maximum is 115 years old.

Our bikes can handle up to 260 pounds.

Must be at least 4’9″

We don’t require you to be a professional, but we do require you to be experienced. You must ride often and recently. Need to know how to shift gears, handle hairpin turns, and pedal to keep up the pace.

Industry wide restriction. No expectant moms. During or after the tour, you’re welcome to get pregnant.

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