Cycle To The Sea

Our most popular tour!

Your Maui bike tour is split into two unique biking experiences! The first section begins at the top of Haleakala Ranch and includes 8 miles of thrilling switchbacks and amazing views. The second section begins in the town of Makawao. This 9 mile stretch takes you through some of the most picturesque areas of Maui. We make a stop in the center of Makawao and treat you to a fantastic lunch and then we bike through to the town of Paia and end the  journey at Baldwin Beach Park.

Arrival & Duration

8 a.m. till 12:30 p.m


Meeting at Target in Kahului
Starts near Haleakala National Park
End at Baldwin Beach

Elevation Level

Starting at 6,700ft
Ending at 0ft

Tour Experience

Relaxed, Effortless & Fun!

8 a.m. till 12:30 p.m. This is our most popular tour!!

Your Maui Bike Tour begins at the Target in Kahului. Then, we drive you up scenic Haleakala Volcano , to an elevation of 6700 feet above sea level, about 45 minutes. We then get the bikes ready, go over safety and rules,  then. ..IT’S TIME TO ROCK AND ROLL!

Your Maui bike tour begins at the top of Haleakala Ranch, and the first 7 miles we will be twisting and turning through 19 switchbacks and hairpin turns..all while descending to 4700 feet above sea level!

The second leg of the bike ride is the longest. This stretch is mostly downhill and when we stop in Makawao, we’ll be at an elevation of 1700 feet above sea level. Once in Makawao, we take a break there and treat you to lunch!

After this break, it’s back on the bikes for the final stretch. An 8 mile downhill coast, passing pineapple fields and sugar cane fields . We’ll bike through the town of Paia and end the journey at the beach, Lower Paia Park.

Per person – $225

Restrictions & Requirements

We have an age maximum of 115

Our bikes can handle up to 260 pounds.

Must be at least 4’9″

We don’t require you to be a professional, but we do require you to be experienced. You must ride often and recently. Need to know how to shift gears, handle hairpin turns, and pedal to keep up the pace.

Industry wide restriction. No expectant moms. During or after the tour, you’re welcome to get pregnant.

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